Unstoppable mission: Acts 1---------------------------------------------Jan. 11th

Unstoppable power: Acts 2-----------------------------------------------Jan. 18th

Unstoppable message: Acts 2:14-ff-------------------------------------Jan. 25th

Unstoppable ministry: Acts 2-4 with

special focus on 2: 42-47 and 5:12-16------------------------------------Feb. 1st

Unstoppable organization (Part 1): Acts 6:1-7-------------------------Feb. 8th

Unstoppable organization (Part 2): Acts 7-8--------------------------Feb. 15th

Unstoppable grace: Acts 9------------------------------------------------Feb. 22nd

Unstoppable inclusion (Part 1): Acts  10--------------------------------Mar. 1st

Unstoppable inclusion (Part 2): Acts 11:1-18--------------------------Mar. 8th

Unstoppable God: Acts 12------------------------------------------------Mar. 15th

Unstoppable outreach (Part 1): Acts 13-14--------------------------Mar. 22nd

Unstoppable outreach  (Part 2): Acts 15------------------------------Mar. 29th

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