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Staycation: Elements of Summer

Get out of your element this summer and join us for Staycation: Elements of Summer! From June 10th until July 22nd, we will be meeting every other Saturday for fun and fellowship at 4 local locations. Kids travel free and prices for parents and other adults are listed below, along with what is included in the price. 


June 10th- Scovill Zoo (Earth)              

Adults- $6.75         Includes admission, train ride, the carousel, and snow cone

Children- Free        Includes admission, train ride, the carousel, and snow cone

June 24th- Elemental @ The Avon (Fire)

Adults- $5.00         Includes movie; Concessions are not included. 

Children- Free        Includes movie; Concessions are not included. 

July 8th- Overlook Adventure Park (Air)

Adults- $8.75         Includes 1 round of golf. 2nd round of golf is $5.75; Adventure Pass* is $14. 

Children- Free        Includes Adventure Pass for 1 round of golf & ropes course, or 2 rounds of golf.

July 22nd- Children's Museum of Illinois (Water)

Adults- $9.00         Includes admission

Children- Free        Includes admission


There will be an Elements postcard given to each child who attends. On the back of the postcard, there is a complete list of the Staycation events. At each event, the adult in charge will have a sheet of special stickers to place on the circle associated with that event. At the last event listed on the back of the postcard, each child will get one entry per sticker they have collected and there will be a drawing for a Grand Prize. 


When arriving at the locations, look for the Northwest Christian Church banner and gather there to wait for instructions. These events are family events, and we do require you stay with your child(ren). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Northwest Christian Church by calling or texting 217-429-4278 or email the church at [email protected].