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Missions List

Prayer is one of the most important ways we can help the missionaries we support.


ASIA PACIFIC CHRISTIAN MINISTRY – pray for the safety of the Christians in this area of the world.


COOKSON HILLS MINISTRIES – pray that They will continue to
receive the support they need to continue building projects.  Also pray for the children they provide a home for on their campus.


DEAF MISSIONS – pray for the translation work of the Bible into the American Sign Language, and the many programs provided for the deaf.  Pray that many deaf people will respond to this ministry and come to know Jesus


FAIR HAVENS – pray for the residents and staff that care for them, also for the residents families.


ILLINI CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES – pray for the families who are in crisis and come to this ministry, and for the children who are  placed in foster homes and their foster parents.


IMPACT EUROPE – pray for the work being done in Eastern Europe and for the safety of the Christians there.


KOREA CHRISTIAN GOSPEL MISSION  – pray for the health of    Dr. Chae and for his son who is working with him.  Pray for the children at his orphanage, many who are dropped off in the baby box.  Pray for the refugees from North Korea that they minister to.


LINCOLN CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY –  pray for the students and staff.  Pray for the financial resources needed as tuition costs are being lowered.


LITTLE GALILEE CHRISTIAN CAMP & CAMP ONE WAY –  Pray for the campers who attend camp this summer.  Pray for the deans and staff who will teach the campers.


NEW LIFE PREGNANCY CENTER – pray for the client’s who are come to this ministry and pray that they will make the decision to have their babies and not choose abortion.


PIONEER BIBLE TRANSLATORS –  pray for Andy & Shonna Ingram and for Rondal & Janice Smith and for the success of their work with missionaries who do the Bible translation in languages that have never had a Bible.


RESTORATION HOUSE MINISTRIES –  pray for Justin & Jamie Hagan as they minister in New England, one of the least church attended areas of the United States.